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twelve colonies

a battle for survival

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Select Members , Moderated
Welcome to The Twelve Colonies, a battle for survival between humans and cylons! Modeled after whedonland, members of this community will be sorted into one of three teams – Team Basestar, Team Colonial One, and Team Galactica. There will be challenges posted in which members may participate to receive points for their teams. At the end of the battle, the team with the most points will be declared the winners and have bragging rights for the next battle.

This comm is currently modded and was created by goloptious.

Team Leaders:
Team Basestar: nicole_anell
Team Colonial One: redrockcan
Team Galactica: plaid_slytherin

Luxury_Cloud9: lyssie

To join this community, go to the Application Post and leave a comment with the requested information. Sometimes it will take a couple of weeks before new members are added to teams. Once you are placed onto a team, you should receive an invitation to join this community as well as your team community. You may also want to join luxury_cloud9. There are no challenges posted there, but it’s a great way to get to know other community members. Reminders for challenges will also be posted there.

1. No fighting, bashing, or trolling.
2. No swearing. Don’t use words that wouldn’t have been used on the show. Some people check the community from work and we don’t want to get them into trouble.
3. Treat each other, the Team Leaders, and the Moderators with respect.
4. Participate in AT LEAST 4 challenges per month (this includes voting).
5. If you are going to be gone for a long period of time, please let your Team Leader know so that you aren’t considered inactive and deleted from the membership.
6. Once every battle there will be a MANDATORY roll call. It will last for one week and you will be given reminders in the community as well as in your team community. If you don’t participate, then you will be removed from the membership.
7. If you must leave the community, you may rejoin at any time UNLESS you were removed for inappropriate behavior.
8. If you do break the rules, you will not be immediately removed from the community. We understand that most people don’t do it on purpose, so you will be reminded of the rules. If the behavior continues, then you will be removed from the community.
9. If you do need to leave the community, please go to this post to let us know!

More questions? Read the FAQ!


Past Champions

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